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As an independent engineering firm, we primarily help our longstanding customers to achieve their goals with safety, in other words on time and cost-faithfully. To ensure this we use planning tools according to the current state of technology and emphasize on permanent skill enhancement. Also our solid economic basis serves to secure your project success. Based on our many years of experience in the areas of biotechnology and environmental process engineering and in the context of “peak oil” and climate change, we work on the following medium term innovations:

Energy-neutral waste water purification

Today, a modern municipal waste water treatment plant in Western Europe requires an average of about 30kWh per person per year. This represents only about 3%of the electricity needs of households, but is still one of the most necessary optimisation approaches for communities. Therefore we aim for and develop energy-neutral waste water purification. In addition, we do not only try to reduce the demand of electricity to zero by using membrane-assisted anaerobic wastewater treatment plants, but we also intend to push the discharge water to drinking water quality. As a by product valuable fertilizers can also be gained, in particular phosphorus and nitrogen.

Simulation and Optimisation of bioprocesses

We have been pursuing simulation and optimisation of bioprocesses for over 20 years. Based on models created by us the aerobic and anaerobic degradation processes can be simulated. As a consequence we are able to optimise your bioprocess and mixture phenomena shall be incorporated better.

Improvement of the biogas process

Currently we try to construct a membrane-based system for the removal of dissolved fermentation products that, in higher concentration, can cause an inhibition or reduce the speed of the biogas formation process. That, in consequence, of course decreases the efficiency of it and therefore has to be prevented.


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