Waste Management

Energy project LOBBE with material flow diagram

Customer: LOBBE waste processing plant Werndorf GmbH

Period: 1998

The aim of this energy analysis was to identify the energy and water savings potentials. The waste management company in specializes in the collection, storage and treatment of waste, highly polluted waste water and contaminated soil. For this purpose steam generating, evaporation and waste oil incineration and wastewater treatment plants are operated.

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Project Ekokem – Plasticrecycle

Customer: IUT innovative technology GmbH

Period: 2013

For a Finnish customer we set up a concept for a wastewater treatment unit as part of a newly designed facility for plastic waste recycling. Based on a combination of mechanical and membrane cleaning systems, a significant part of the waste water from the cleaning of the used plastic is recycled.


Biofilter BGA Maria Lankowitz

Customer: BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft

Period: 2013

A biofilter is used in the modernized biogas plant in the prison Maria Lankowitz to clean the odour-laden air from the hygienization of food waste and from manure and digestate pits.

The loaded air flows through the filter from top to bottom, whereby the bed material is humidified parallel to the air stream. We are planning similar biofilters also for the purification of exhaust air contaminated by hydrogen sulfide or for waste treatment facilities.


Landfill gas utilization – Frohnleiten

Customer: Muncipalitiy of Frohnleiten

Period: 1996 continued

as an essential part of the supervising duties we have to ensure a sound operation of the landfill gas collection and utilisation at the large communal landfill.

Since methane possesses a 25 times more harmful effect on the climate than CO2 a optimal collection through a system of gas wells and top cover is necessary.

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Stripper Erzberg

Customer: ROTEAT Abwasserreinigung GmbH

Period: 2014

Due to an increased hydrogen sulfide content in the permeate, a stripping system had to be dimensioned for a landfill leachate treatment plant. Based on recognized design programs, the stripping column was dimensioned and since the implementation the discharge limits are safely met.


MBR landfill leachate Halbenrain

Customer: A.S.A. Abfallservice AG

Period: 1993 - 1995

Here, the at its time largest landfill leachate purification plant in Europe was built in 1994, which in terms of feed concentration – ammonium (5 g / l) and COD (40 g / l) was remarkable. Mayr’s department, head of the waste management company, was responsiblefor the process development, scale-up, approval, construction, supervision and commissioning.

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Waste storage building – ABRG

Customer: ABRG Asamer-Becker Recycling GmbH

Period: 1999 - 2000

At the site Arnoldstein of the ABRG an existing warehouse had to be re-approved and adapted for the storage of waste. The VCI concept has been applied and of course, all aspects of fire and workplace safety were obeyed and a safety analysis and a hazard plan were prepared.


Waste processing plant – LOBBE Werndorf

Customer: LOBBE waste disposal GmbH

Period: 1996 - 2001

The site Werndorf of the LOBBE waste disposal GmbH was newly built as a pilot project for a modern waste management. With the units organic splitting of oil emulsions, evaporation, chemical-physical treatment for inorganic and organic liquids, a waste oil incinerator and a connected storage area, where the VCI-system has been applied, several new approaches have been implemented. The wastewater treatment up to direct discharge quality was based on ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.


Bio waste composting – AWV Liezen

Customer: AWV Liezen

Period: 2003 - 2005

Accompanying the mechanical-biological waste treatment, a confined intensive composting of biowaste has been configured. The plant consists of a mechanical treatment, an intensive composting and composting tunnels and a triangular windrow for the maturing phase. The final product is sold to private households and the community as a high quality compost product.


Mechanical-biological waste treatment – AWV Liezen

Customer: AWV Liezen

Period: 2003 - 2005

Mechanical-biological waste treatment (MBT) is used to convert a certain fraction of mainly communal waste which can be landfilled in an environmentally sound way. A composting process is used to lower the calorific value under the legal limit of 6.600 kJ/kg(dry weight).

Approximately 30 years ago 12 plants, mainly for the reason to produce a solid fuel, were built in Austria. The high calorific fraction which should be used in industrial furnaces. Although this goal was never achieved, these sites could be easily adopted to become “modern” MBT plants.

The treatment facilities of the district of Liezen (Styria/Austria) were chosen for a case study, including mass balances and extensive analytics.

Starting with extensive experiments in laboratory and semi-industrial scale, the basis for large-scale implementation in cooperation with the client and numerous partners have been defined.

Research grants of the State of Styria led to a pioneering project that has made the implementation of the Landfill Ordinance possible in 2004.

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Sludge treatment – Ekol d.o.o.

Customer: Sludge treatment - Ekol d.o.o.

Period: 2005

For a specialized conference on waste management an overview lecture on modern sludge treatment processes was given. For the client we have provided consulting services in other waste management and biogas projects as well.

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