Public Administration

Operation supervision Zuser

Customer: ZUSER corporate group GmbH

Period: 2013 - 2014

The responsibilities and scope of supervision are specified by the Authority and include the control of the guidelines for operation as defined in the authority permit, in particular the waste take-over procedure and handling and the perceived odour emissions. Photographic documentation is done and short notes are made at any visit. Reports are submitted to the authority regularly.


Operation supervision landfill Frohnleiten

Customer: Municipality of Frohnleiten

Period: since 1996

During the operation of a modern landfill negative effects on the environment must be avoided by technical and operational means.

The landfill supervisory organ is ordered by the Authority and has to enforce the compliance with the provisions of the Waste Legislation Act of 2002 and the Landfill Regulation. Orders, minutes and notes based thereon must be regularly issued and submitted in a report to the authority on a yearly basis.


Energy self-sufficient sewage treatment plant – AWV Knittelfeld

Customer: Wastewater Association Knittelfeld u.U.

Period: 2006 - 2008

After the modernisation of the communal sewage plant Knittelfeld / Reiferdorf to the state of the art was accomplished, the next significant step was to implement a co-fermentation plant for taking-over and processing of liquid waste and a solar drying of sewage sludge in the construction period 08. We were responsible for draft, basic and detail engineering as well as authority approval and construction supervision during implementation, all in accordance with the Waste Legislation Act.

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Energy Concept WWTP Weiz

Customer: Municipality of Weiz and County of Styria

Period: 2012

The implementation of a co-digestion at the communal wastewater treatment plant, including the availability of renewables was studied on the model of the wastewater treatment plant Weiz. We analyzed the energy optimization potential and the digester capacity, designed a solution for the technical implementation and evaluated the cost-effectiveness.


1st Austrian municipal membrane bioreactor plant

Customer: St. Peter ob Judenburg

Period: 2002

The first membrane-based municipal wastewater treatment plant in Austria was built in St. Peter ob Judenburg.

The demonstration project that has been implemented with research funds of the FFF and the EU (EFRE) in 2002 and since then successfully demonstrates the economic and environmental feasibility of this modern technology in continuous operation.

The effluent quality of this water treatment plant meets the requirements of the bathing water quality easily.

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Expert opinion on indirect discharging companies

Customer: St. Peter ob Judenburg, Weiz, Liezen

Period: 1999 - today

Companies that discharge an effluent that differs more than slightly from domestic sewage must establish a contract with the sewerage company (i.e. the township).

The base is laid down in an expert opinion for each relevant company in the sewerage area of the settlement.


Tender AWV Murau

Customer: Abfallwirtschaftsverband Murau

Period: 2013

For the first time the Waste Management Association Murau has tendered europewide the transporting of waste paper in 2013. The tender resulted in a saving of transport costs by approximately 40% and the so far commissioned company continues to serve.


Tender waste collection and transport AWV Liezen

Customer: Waste Management Association Liezen

Period: 2003, 2010, 2013

For the first timethe collectionof residual andorganic wasteand transportationto the wastetreatment plant of theAWVLiezenwas subjected to a publictendering competitionin 2003.

This tender has initiated the long missing competition in the waste logistics segment and secures with its regular repetition the citizens within territory of the AWV Liezen an affordable and modern waste management solution.


Tendering and supervision of sewage treatment plant Weiz

Customer: Township Weiz

Period: 2002 – 2004

For the first time in Styria a municipal sewage treatment plant for 30.000 PE was tendered functionally and as a general contractor contract.The ideas and cost competition produced a technically optimal and cost-effective project solution. Consequently also the implementation was monitored as part of the construction supervision.


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