Mechanical-biological waste treatment – AWV Liezen

Customer: AWV Liezen

Period: 2003 - 2005

Mechanical-biological waste treatment (MBT) is used to convert a certain fraction of mainly communal waste which can be landfilled in an environmentally sound way. A composting process is used to lower the calorific value under the legal limit of 6.600 kJ/kg(dry weight).

Approximately 30 years ago 12 plants, mainly for the reason to produce a solid fuel, were built in Austria. The high calorific fraction which should be used in industrial furnaces. Although this goal was never achieved, these sites could be easily adopted to become “modern” MBT plants.

The treatment facilities of the district of Liezen (Styria/Austria) were chosen for a case study, including mass balances and extensive analytics.

Starting with extensive experiments in laboratory and semi-industrial scale, the basis for large-scale implementation in cooperation with the client and numerous partners have been defined.

Research grants of the State of Styria led to a pioneering project that has made the implementation of the Landfill Ordinance possible in 2004.

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