Organic waste treatment

Customer: engineering partner office

Period: 2010 - 2011

We designed a significant enlargement of the capacity by revamping the dry fermentation plant with a new wet CSTR fermenter for an existing organic waste processing plant. Beginning with a preliminary design we provided later on basic, authority and detailed engineering services.

New features of the modernized plant are an intermediate bunker, a separation step for biowaste, a CSTR fermenter, a manure separation, hygienization unit, a final storage tank with integrated gas holder; an air purification system; a digestate drying instead of a the existing composting plant.

The additional fermentation line is suitable for the treatment of structureless organic waste and residues, thus supplementing the dry fermentation.


Additional information: EnviCare-Biogas-org-waste-Engl_2014-10-23a

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