10. December 2019

Unit Operation of Wastewater Treatment

Based on numerous large scale WWTP-projects the use of membrane bioreactors (MBR) is presented in the current issue 03/2019 of the journal “Water and Wastewater Technology” as a UNIT operation of process engineering (text in German).

15. June 2019

Lecture at 13th Aachen Conference on Water Technology

The Conference will take place at RWTH Aachen University from 29 – 30 October 2019. In this context, Teresa Garstenauer MSc will present the implementation of a membrane bioreactor for the post-treatment of electroplating waste water.

In the electroplating industry, the surface treatment of metal products generates waste water which is primarily purified by precipitation reactions. Still, the filtrate of the chamber filter press contains significant amounts of COD, heavy metals (e.g. zinc, iron, chromium) and other filterable substances. In order to meet the quality requirements for direct discharge, the filtrate has to be polished by use of membrane bioreactors.

Further information can be found at the homepage of the RWTH-Aachen, our lecture-handout and in the programm of the 13th Aachen Conference on Water Technology.

14. June 2019

Lecture at the FILTECH – THE FILTRATION EVENT 2019, October 22 – 24, Cologne – Germany

FILTECH is the largest and most important filtration event world-wide. Dr. Mayr will present our extensive experience in the planning and operation of membrane bioreactors in the application cases of municipal wastewater, liquid waste treatment, landfill leachate treatment, electroplating industry, beverage production and surface water treatment.











Lecture at University of Applied Science FH Krems

On Nov. 18th 2019 Dr. Bernhard Mayr will present a lecture on the topic of producing renewable energy from biomass. The lecture on “biomass and biogas” will be given in the context of the so-called “energy autarkic coach-programme” in which managers from communal services or private industry as well as students participate.

The main aim of this program is to enable its participants to face, analyse and handle new challenges involved in the transition of our economy from fossil to renewable energy.








1. February 2018

AR-HES-B – Guideline, tools and documentation

Following the presentation of the project „AR-HES-B” on Feb. 1st 2018 EnviCare Engineering GmbH is providing the guideline and the related DEST-tool as well as the corresponding documentation.

The tools provided shall support the transition of waste-water-treatment-plants from “end-of-pipe”-facilities towards resources of energy and nutrients.

Of course, we are available for further questions and possible implementations of the described concepts.

Further Information:

22. January 2018

Energy and nutrient recovery from wastewater

On February 1st, 2018 the presentation of the guideline “Energy and nutrients from wastewater will take place in Graz. Under the lead of “Stadtlabor Graz” EnviCare® Engineering GmbH worked as a key partner in the Austrian FFG-research project ArHes-B.

Further Informationen:


30. May 2017

Lecture at the institute for urban water management (ISA) of the University of Technology Aachen (RWTH)

At the invitation of the institute for urban water management (ISA) of the University of Technology Aachen (RWTH), DI Dr. Bernhard Mayr is going to lecture on “membrane distillation process to retrieve nutrients from communal waste water treatment”.

In the next paragraph the abstract is given, the paper which is written in German language can be downloaded here as well:

“The experience obtained during pilot testing of a membrane-distillation-plant for the retrieval of nutrients from the effluent of sludge press of a communal waste water plant is presented. The paper concludes with a description of the production of a marketable fertilizer and the commercial and energetic benefits of this technology on the basis of experimental results.”

The timetable for Achen 2017, written in German language, is here available.

Thank you very much for the invitation!

22. March 2017

Lecture at the Technical University of Vienna

At the invitation of the institute for Water Quality, Resource and Waste Management of the Vienna University of Technology, DI Dr. Bernhard Mayr gave a lecture on “Applications of the Membranebioreactor (MBR) Process in the Austrian Industry: Case Studies and Limitations”.

In the next paragraph the abstract of the paper is given. The full paper is written in German language and can be downloaded here as well:

“The experience obtained through planning, implementing and operating of six industrial-scale MBR plants for different types of industrial waste water are described. Key parameters like feed and effluent concentrations, lifetime of membranes, sludge age, volumetric and sludge load are addressed and suggestions for the realisation of such projects are presented.”

The paper, which is written in german, is available here.

12. December 2016

Lecture FH Krems

Dr. Bernhard Mayr was in invited to lecture on “biomass and biogas” at the University of Applied Science Krems. The context of this lecture was the so-called “energy autarkic coach-programme” in which managers from communal services or private industries as well as students participate.

The main aim of this program is, according to the University of Applied Science Krems, to enable its participants to face, analyse and handle new challenges involved in the transition of our economy from fossil to renewable energy.

Therefore the lecture included basic information about Austrian law, general biomass potentials as well as concrete examples of existing plants. Indeed, since Dr. Mayr has been offering renowned expertise in the field of biogas since 1997, biogas plants were discussed in particular. Some exemplary illustrations are given below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further queries!



20. September 2016

Leachate Treatment with RCDT Reverse Osmosis

From September, 19th to September, 21th the “International Solid Waste Association“(ISWA) – world congress took place in Novi Sad, Serbia. EnviCare® Engineering GmbH was represented by Dr. Bernhard Mayr, who gave a lecture on „Leachate Treatment with RCDT Reverse Osmosis“.

Today the necessity to purify highly polluted leachate means that the chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia and heavy metals with the sum parameter electric conductivity must be reduced by more than 95%. This either asks for a sophisticated combination of several coupled unit processes or can be obtained by reverse osmosis (RO) membranes as simple stand alone solution.

Due to its superior hydrodynamic design the RCDT-RO technology yields less pressure drop and consequently the energy demand is up to 30% less compared to common DT-RO products.

A second innovation by the RCDT system is focused on easy maintenance: the Easy-Click system allows the exchange of modules in minimum time and thus helps to save working costs and reduces down time.

21. April 2016

Our current research Activities

Apart from consulting long-term customers, EnviCare® also participates in four research projects.

Three of these projects are in the field of “membrane distillation”. This technology proves to be a solution for, to give an example, separating ammonium during the dewatering of sewage sludge. As a result, on the one hand, the backflow of nitrogen into the aeration tank can be reduced and, on the other hand, fertilizer can be obtained in the form of ammonium sulphate. If this technology proves to be feasible at industrial scale after the completion of the research project, it opens the possibility for cost reductions by saving energy used for aeration, as well as selling a valuable product, e.g. fertiliser. Similarly a currently ongoing project evaluates the possibility of using digestate of biogas plants to serve as feedstock for the production of pure ammonium sulphate. With the help of “membrane distillation” usable components can be removed for further processing and the concentration of these valuable substances can be increased. Starting in February 2016 EnviCare® is setting up test-cases for concentrating electroplating liquid.

The fourth project deals with the integration of wastewater treatment plants in existing communal energy supply systems (gas, heat, and electricity). By adjusting peak consumption-periods of sewage treatment plants to peak network supplies without reducing the cleaning performance of the plant, sewage water plants can become part of so called “smart-nets”. Another project goal is to recover valuable substances contained in waste water (phosphorus and nitrogen) as well as the best use of the energy bound within the sewage. In this project EnviCare® is providing its expertise in wastewater treatment to our project-partners.

21. March 2016

2nd BÜRKERT membrane technology forum

It is a pleasure for EnviCare Engineering GmbH to announce its second participation in the BÜRKERT membrane technology forum hosted by Bürkert – Contromatic Ges.m.b.H on 7th April 2016.

According to its theme “communication, membrane technology, information” the conference will include speakers addressing the basics of membrane filtration, organic membrane systems and their field of application and current research and development trends of this promising technology as well as time for discussion within an stimulating atmosphere in Hall, Tyrol. In detail the ”production of organic membranes”, the “potentials of coiled tube-membranes in the fields of production of food or obtaining potable water” and the “use of membrane technology in down-stream processes of alga culture” will be covered.

As for EnviCare Engineering GmbH, CEO DI Dr. Bernhard Mayr will speak on “recent developments in the market of membrane-bioreactors”.

Apart from that, Dr. Walter Schiebel (“Crowd Sourcing as key-driver in a trend-setting supply-chain”) and the former chief-trainer of the Austrian so called “Superadler” (Austria’s national team in ski-jumping) Alexander Pointner are invited as guest speakers.


Bürkert – Membrantechnikforum 2016 – official invitation- pdf, german

3. January 2016

Climate Conference of Paris 2015

At least with the Climate Change Conference Paris 2015 it is clear that the current climate-change must be addressed systematically and comprehensively. This does not only require short-term and courageous actions of the governments by providing an appropriate legal framework, but also creative and innovative companies, that develop and implement new technologies in practice.

In this regard EnviCare® is able to present several successful projects, of which some examples are presented below:

In 2002 we planned the first Austrian municipal membrane wastewater treatment plant ever in St. Peter ob Judenburg. Furthermore we expanded the wastewater treatment plant of the AWV Knittelfeld to a co-fermentation plant, whereby this sewage treatment plant can be operated self-sustaining in regard to energy. The project was awarded the “Environmental Protection Prize” of the styrian government. In addition, EnviCare® developed standardized membrane plants for a Turkish partner. Using this new technology, communal waste water can be reused for irrigation, since the MBR treated effluent fulfills to the European Bathing Water Directive.

In the field of recycling of organic waste, we planned a project for the recycling of mash obtained during the bioethanol production. For a Finnish company we developed both a wastewater recycling plant for a plastic recycling facility, as well as a plant for upgrading biogas to biomethane. Throughout Austria, for example in Retz and Ziersdorf, we also planned a number of biogas plants utilizing renewables or organic residues.

However, in order to meet the defined 2° C goal, more needs to be done. In fact, many companies are struggling with legal setbacks that make an economic operation of their eco-energy plants impossible.

Therefore we do not see actions on the climate change as financial burdens, but rather recognize them as an opportunity to generate growth, jobs and “know-how”. For example, in 2013 in Austria the turn-over of the green economy reached 31 billion euros and each 20th full time equivalent employee worked in a so called”Green Job” …

It is now time to take the necessary steps: reduce taxes on workload and put the tax focus on fossile fuels and non renewable resources instead! The historic low raw oil prices give us the opportunity for this new approach.

To conclude, we want to introduce one of our research projects for 2016:

To reduce the energy consumption of wastewater treatment plants effectively, we work on the integration of modern, energy-saving membrane distillation processes in existing communal waste water treatment plants. EnviCare® is convinced to effectively reduce the energy consumption while valuable raw materials such as ammonia can be regained as ammonium-water or fertilizer.

For these reasons, we have also expanded our team with Philipp Klein, who is an expert in the field of research and development. In this sense, we wish you an exciting, successful and innovative 2016!

24. November 2015

Waste water treatment plants as energy and material resource of our future – A research project of EnviCare® Engineering GmbH

No fewer than 546,000 MWh electric Energy are needed annually in Austria for the purification of municipal wastewater. The usual process used for this purpose – the biological oxidation – is not only very energy intensive and thus a significant cost factor, but also makes valuable raw materials such as ammonium-nitrogen and various energy–rich carbon compounds unusable.

Indeed EnviCare® tries to encounter these problems with modern, energy-efficient membrane distillation processes and anaerobic high–performance bioreactors. On the one hand organic components of wastewater can be exploited in the form of biogas as well as industrially useable “ammonia water” can be generated. On the other hand lower temperature levels of these processes make the use of waste heat and solar thermal energy possible. In brief: revenues can be earned and operating costs can be reduced.

In a pilot plant, which was engineered by EnviCare® and which is currently operated at a municipal sewage treatment plant concepts for the integration of these new technologies in existing municipal plants are researched. Additionally we are obtaining precise knowledge of process parameters, such as flow rates and temperature, for predicting possible savings by means of these promising technologies.

2. October 2014

Climbing higher – lecture at BÜRKERT Membrane forum 2014 in Tyrol!

New developments in membrane technology are presented in the exclusive atmosphere of the Berg-Isel tournament site for ski-jumpers near Innsbruck/Tyrol/Austria on Nov. 27th, 2014. Dr. Mayr was invited to present his experience with highly loaded MBRs.

for more information: invitation BÜRKERT Membrantechnik FORUM 2014 (only available in German)


19. August 2014

Redesign of the homepage

With the support of AXTESYS our homepage was redesigned. We hope you like it, take a look!

7. June 2011

Approved and authorized technical expert in Austria

Since June 2011 Bernhard Mayr, PhD in biotechnology and MSc in chemical process engineering is listed in Austria as officially approved and authorized technical expert for
– environmental engineering – section 06.21 – waste water treatment
– section 06.50 – waste management
– section 06.60 – waste disposal techniques including landfilling, leachate treatment
– section 51.08 – chemistry – chemical process engineering

Due to an extensive and long term experience the following fields of interest can be highlighted
– biogas production plants
– membrane technology for process and waste water applications
– mechanical-biological waste treatment

More information (de)

19. May 2011

Authorized technical expert in Slovenia

Since November 2011 Bernhard Mayr, PhD in biotechnology and MSc in chemical process engineering is listed in Slovenia as officially approved engineer for chemical technology and chemical engineering.

More information in detail on engineering services in Slovenia can be found at the official Website from IZS and on our Authorized technical expert site.


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