Revamping old and outdated plants

While existing buildings, tanks, vessels and many machinery components with suitable materials are still well enough suited for many production sites or sewage treatment plants, the requirements for electrical, measurement, control and regulation (EMCR) technology have radically changed. Many mechanically fully intact plants have to be adapted to state of control technology, facilitate management and maintenance and ultimately, in order to save costs and energy.

Sustainable revamping that lasts

This is where “Revamping” starts in the upgrading procedure of existing facilities. The objective is to continue using most of the existing plant, with targeted modernization steps to eliminate realized defects and usually a modern EMCR/SCADA system is installed so that the plant can be used for a long lasting, optimised process again. The revamping service of EnviCare® Engineering GmbH begins with careful monitoring of the existing system and defines the requirements of our costumers in order to create a detailed project schedule.

Solutions that satisfy

The revamping is then carried out by an experienced team of professionals. If necessary, external experts will be invited to supervise and monitor the concrete condition. After the completion of the work, the newly created system is, as part of the re-commissioning, tested and inspected in order to ensure that the project specifications are met.


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