Waste Management

The waste industry has experienced a steady structural change during the last 20 years, from high-priced and technically very simple and inexpensive landfilling of solid waste with high profits in the early 1990s over steadily shrinking margins and expensive investments in new thermal or mechanical-biological treatment and recycling plants up to 2004, when the ban on landfilling organic waste was enforced, and a struggle for survival in recent years with numerous bankruptcies of prominent market participants.

Higher costs can not be passed on

The fees for treatment and landfilling continued to fall since 2004, although the legal requirements in Austria always ask for better – and more costly – quality of waste treatment and associated analytics. These quality improvements result in higher operating costs and should actually imply higher fees but obviously they are unenforceable on the market. One reason maybe that relevant waste streams may be exported to cheaper treatment facilities in neighbouring countries.

Competition decreases cost

On the contrary fees for waste logistics have been stable. Prices have been exposed to increased competition after an EU-wide public tender for logistic services was published by the Waste Management Association Liezen in 2003. EnviCare® Engineering GmbH sees itself as a partner of waste processing companies and provides a range of services that include (functional) tendering, detail engineering, obtaining site approvals and advices during commissioning.

Furthermore we provide process engineering services in the areas of water, waste and renewable energy, using state of the art engineering tools for detailed planning in 3D and system simulation.

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