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Since the beginning of its activity EnviCare® Engineering GmbH always put the highest priority on participating in research and development projects.

Professional Workflow in order to achieve best results

As a starting point of each research and development contract, an analysis of the state of the art of technology or science is carried out, as well as – if necessary – a patent search. The exact definition of the task and expected findings/innovations represents a further significant step. Founded on the existing steady and informal contact with renowned research institutions a targeted approach is provided. Of course, an accompanying funding and project management is the basis for a successful research and development progress.

Some successful research and development topics

Year Subject
1992 – 94 Development of a MBR-system for landfill leachate treatment in collaboration with Technical University of Graz, PBF Zagreb and INSA Toulouse
1997 – 99 Mechanical-biological treatment of communal household waste to ensure the forthcoming landfill directive quality standard using the example of the waste facility AWV Liezen
1998 – 1999 Optimisation of nitrate and phosphate reduction through the use of innovative membrane processes and control strategies for existing wastewater treatment plants without volume increase
1999 – 2000 Retrofitting a pond type waste water treatment plant through the use of innovative membrane processes and aeration and mixing strategies
2000 – 2001 Mechanical-biological treatment of residual waste fine fraction using the example of the waste treatment plant of AWV Hartberg
2001 Development of a membrane-based wastewater treatment process for the dairy-production plant Freistadt
2001 – 2002 Innovative membrane filtration technology combined with an energy efficient ventilation and control strategy with the aim of demonstrating the possibility of obtaining drinking water from municipal wastewater
2006 – 2008 Integrated Wastewater Treatment Process using Mesh Filter Modules for Direct Activated Sludge Separation
2007 – 2008 Development of a pilot plant for MBR and semi-large scale experiments on purifying waste water from a food production
2007 – 2008 Recovery of methanol from the waste water of a biodiesel plant using reverse osmosis
2009 Research contract on the development of a wastewater treatment plant for the effluent of a Biodiesel production facility
2014 Introducing innovative membrane distillation for the recovery of valuable ingredients and energy from municipal sewage treatment
2014 Introducing Membrane distillation for energy-efficient treatment (concentration) of electroplating liquids

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