Public Procurement – Tendering

“The tender is a way of business initiation, in which a customer makes public its services to its desired conditions. While the public sector is usually required by law, in the recent years increasingly commercial and private customers use the tender in hope to minimize their cost.”

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In Austria, the award of contracts is regulated in the Federal Procurement Act of 2006. As a core element of many embodiment projects public tenders were repeatedly published by EnviCare® Engineering GmbH.


In general, we work together with lawyers, who are covering the legal part. Due to the complexity of the procurement law, we consider the integration of legal counsel very beneficial. We create both detailed service specifications and functional tenders, whereby we use our broad experience in the construction of waste treatment facilities, waste water and air purifications and biogas plants. This knowledge, in addition, gives us the ability to perform regular tenders for waste management, logistics and planning services.#

=> Tendering and supervision of sewage treatment plant Weiz

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