Planning and construction supervision

The main expenditure per planning phase can be given as follows

10-20 % Preliminary draft
Development and representation of the fundamental solution

15-30 % Draft and basic engineering
Development and representation of the final solution

3-12 % Approval planning (Permit application) or authority engineering
Development of templates for the necessary permits

20-40 % Implementation planning or detail engineering
Development and representation of implementable solution

7-15 % Preparation of tender
Determine the quantities and installation of specifications

5-10 % Accompaniment of the award procedure and negotiations
Check the offers as well as assisting in of contract award

Building supervision can be structured fundamentally in

70-80% Local construction supervision

5-15 % Documentation of acceptance of contract works

5-15 % Auditing of accounts

cited from: Unverbindliche Kalkulationsempfehlung für Ingenieurleistungen, Fachverband Ingenieurbüros, 2010

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