Inspection and supervision on behalf of the Authority

The supervision of disposal sites in Austria is regulated by the disposal site ordinance, 2008 i.d.F. BGBl.II Nr.104/2014.

Supervision that protects our environment

The design of modern landfills needs to prevent or reduce negative impact on the environment. In particular, the impacts on surface water, groundwater, soil and air, and the global environment, including the greenhouse gas effect, have to be minimised. Operational and technical measures are enforced in order to ensure that these goals are fulfilledthroughout the period of existence of the waste disposal site. The landfill supervisory body is ordered by the Authority according to § 63 Waste Management Act 2002 and must verify the compliance with the regulations. In individual cases the waste management authority prescribes a close-knit supervision for waste treatment plants.

In other cases, the water authority orders independent construction supervision for in terms of water environmentally relevant plants. This again is based on the Water Law Act 1959. In regular and defined time periods reports must be forwarded to the Authority.

Our experience

We perform this control activity for almost two decades on behalf of the Styrian authorities.

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