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“For a long time Process optimisation was considered as a task of quality management. By today it is an increasingly part of the comprehensive integrated process management of companies and institutions. Process thinking and optimisation is now an indispensable part of any modern business management in order to survive in the national, international and global competition. This is based on a process-oriented perspective over the entire operational processes. For this purpose it is necessary to abandon the old hierarchical department thinking and instead define process chains across divisions. The given processes have to be recorded and classified as part of the process analysis, for example by using process modelling. Nowadays the mastery of complex business processes and their optimisation without appropriate software tools is unthinkable ….”

cited and translated from: Seite „Prozessoptimierung“. In: Wikipedia, Die freie Enzyklopädie. Bearbeitungsstand: 18. Juli 2014, 18:09 UTC. URL: (Abgerufen: 11. September 2014, 15:15 UTC)

The optimisation of processing techniques of manufacturing processes is an essential skill of EnviCare® Engineering GmbH. Based on a process analysis we use customized software tools in order to analyse and optimise the energy and mass balance of a company. This again leads and is reflected in higher productivity as well as in lower coasts.

Interaction with our costumers

However, a successful optimisation always requires a strong involvement of the client company, because the view from outside, even the best one, can never come up with a so much detailed knowledge as it is available in-house.


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