Authority Management

Approval procedures for commercial production sites in Austria are based on e.g. Commercial Code (GewO 1994), Waste Legislation Act (the AWG 2002), Water Rights Act (WRG 1959) or Environmental Impact Assessment Act (UVP-G 2000). In particular, substance and system-specific requirements have to be fulfilled and a variety of laws of different legal areas with their corresponding definitions in the regulations, administrative provisions, regulations, standards and guidelines have to be taken into account.

The approval process

Using the example of the Commercial Code, the approval process is defined in §§ 74 – 84 in detail. The comprehensive project has to have detailed descriptions of the plant and involved processes, material and energy balance, how air pollution is reduced and sewage is pre-cleaned before discharge. In addition protection against noise emissions, a waste management concept, and measures for employee protection and plant safety have to be fulfilled. The waste water emissions of industrial facilities are also regulated by commercial law authorities and are meant to follow the specifications defined separately in the WRG 1959.

Saving costs & time

Meeting the varying and sometimes contradictory requirements in the approval documents requires intensive communication between the authority and the applicant. The consulting engineer acts as coordinator and takes over the function of the “translator”. The applicant will be advised and supported during the creation of the application documents so that the permission for the project is obtained. Our professionals assist during discussions with authorities and in particular at local negotiations.

Professional advise throughout the process

The services offered by EnviCare® Engineering GmbH begin with assessing the licensing situation and include the creation and coordination of complete applications for approval procedures, also known as “authorization request”. Of course, all necessary meetings with authorities, guidance and support during the authority process, including the scheduled public, negotiations are provided. For complex projects, external expertise is ordinarily necessary, e.g. construction, soil mechanics, hydrology, forestry, occupational medicine, noise, ecology.

In the course of realization of the project we provide advice for the fulfilment of defined technical conditions given in the authority permit.


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