Treatment and storage

A license pursuant to § 37 AWG shall be granted, if it is expected that the treatment plant meets the following requirements:

  1. The life and human health are not endangered.
  2. The emissions of pollutants are in any case limited by the given state of art.
  3. Neighbours are not bothered not unacceptable by noise, odor, smoke, dust.
  4. The property and other rights of the neighbors are not endangered; ….
  5. The unavoidable waste resulting during operation of the treatment plant has to, according to the given state of art, be prepared for reuse, recycling or other recovery or – if this is not economically justifiable – disposed properly.“
cited and translated from: Austrian waste treatment act 2002, BGBl.I Nr.102/2002, i.d.F. BGBl.I Nr.103/2013

Treatment, supervision & operation support

EnviCare® Engineering GmbH has planned a number of waste treatment facilities and supervised their implementation and operation. There are subject-specific guidelines, such as the VCI concept for material storage, the technical Rules for Hazardous Substances TRGS, the TRVB fire regulations, the explosion protection rules BGR 104 and the legally regulated requirement for limiting emissions into air and water have to be followed.

EnviCare® Engineering GmbH provides customized support for authority management, planning services and advisory on legal regulations.

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