„In Austria recycling is firmly established as a central objective in § 1 of the Waste Management Act [AWG 2002]. Collection and recovery systems are subject to approval and have to meet the appropriate specifications and objectives of the environmental laws. In practice, recycling is collaboration between the waste collectors (municipalities, commercial collectors) and the specialized recyclers.

Recycling is a well-developed industry in Austria, which has little natural resources of its own. This includes, for example, the steel industry, but even non-ferrous metal is completely recycled locally, or the processing of wood waste e.g. to chipboards or fuels (pellets, pressed briquettes). Also re-use of paper and cardboard, which are 100% recycled, is well developed.

In the overall recycling rate Austria is and was during many years at the head of all European countries. In particular this is due to recycling of organic waste, ie the recycling of biodegradable materials.“

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External advise ensures success

EnviCare® Engineering GmbH was able to both get permissions and implement numerous projects for waste landfilling, treatment and -recycling with mechanical, chemical, physical, biological and thermal process steps. In particular, the requirements in the approval process are demanding and always require the cooperation with several experts. Additionally, in the optimisation of current processing sites and in the continuous need to adapt to the state of technology, we are providing  and proud of our many years of practical experience.

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