Waste processing technology

“Waste management is aligned according to the precautionary principle and sustainability so that

  • harmful or deleterious effects on humans, animals and plants, their livelihoods and their natural environment are avoided or else the general human well-being debilitating effects are kept as low as possible,
  • emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases are kept as low as possible,
  • resources (raw materials, water, energy, landscape, land, landfill volume) are spared,
  • in recycling of the waste or substances derived from it have no higher risk potential than comparable primary raw materials or products from primary raw materials and
  • only waste is left behind that deposition is not a threat for future generations. “

The following hierarchy of waste treatment following applies:

  • “Waste prevention prior
  • Preparation for reuse before
  • Recycling before
  • Other recovery, eg energy recovery before
  • Incineration or landfilling.“
cited and translated from: Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz 2002, BGBl.I Nr.102/2002, i.d.F. BGBl.I Nr.103/2013

EnviCare® Engineering GmbH is active in planning and consulting for over 20 years in this segment. The company gives professional advice for waste prevention in the production process, for development and engineering of waste disposal facilities, does business consulting and operational monitoring of waste treatment plants on behalf of the licensing and supervisory for authorities, but is also constantly on the search for new and innovative ways for material and/or energy recycling.

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