Membrane bioreactors (MBR) for the food industry

The MBR method is suited excellently to purify waste water from food industry.

Pilot scale is recommended

However, preliminary tests are advised to check if the membrane is resistant to ingredients in the waste water. A long-term and trouble-free operation is ensured with orderly membrane selection, system design and maintenance. Generally speaking, a reliable COD removal efficiency of > 95% is, even with fluctuating feed concentrations, achieved. Freight equalization or even better a selector in the plant feed ist reasonable in the MBR asset.

Monitoring increases efficiency

A significant increase in the COD degradation is achieved with adequate aeration and long-term optimised operation. Measures for foam control are usually necessary. A temperature influence is distinctly present.

Important design considerations

For the planning of a large-scale plant, a cautious dimensioning of the membrane surface with sufficient reserves is appropriate. Following problem areas are to pay special attention in the design and commissioning of a large-scale plant:

  • Oxygen transfersystem
  • Membraneselectionand dimensioning
  • Foamprevention andreducing
  • Inoculation and filtration of the activated sludge during commissioning
  • An excellent pre-filtration of waste wateris recommended depending on the fiber contenting the wastewater



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