Membrane bioreactors for biodiesel wastewater

In the biodiesel production organically highly contaminated wastewater originates:

  • Raw material preparation(CSB 10-80 g/l)
  • Distillation processes (COD 50-1200 g/l)

Depending on the type of biodiesel production process a large range of variation of composition has to be expected. Experiments for membrane-assisted biological wastewater treatment have shown:

  • Biodiesel wastewater are organically highly loaded
  • Nutrient deficiency is to be expected
  • Anaerobic fermentation is critical

From research to large scale plants

Some membrane and module materials were not resistant to some ingredients in the wastewater, but an aerobic biological treatment seemed to be purposeful. Based on these findings a large-scale plant was built with an external cross-flow ultra filtration. Aeration is provided with the proven ejector technology that has got no built-in moving parts in the biology tank and therefore is easy economically to maintain.

=> MBR Biodiesel BDK

=> lecture @ World Filtration Congress 2012


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