Biogas from other organic resources

“Biogas is practically produced as landfill gas or digested gas. A biogas plant is the name often given to an anaerobic digester that treats farm wastes or energy crops. It can be produced using anaerobic digesters. These plants can be fed with energy crops such as maize silage or biodegradable wastes including sewage sludge and food waste. During the process, an air-tight tank transforms biomass waste into methane, producing renewable energy that can be used for heating, electricity,…

There are two key processes: mesophilic and thermophilic digestion. In experimental work at University of Alaska Fairbanks, a 1000-litre digester using psychrophiles harvested from “mud from a frozen lake in Alaska” has produced 200–300 liters of methane per day, about 20%–30% of the output from digesters in warmer climates.”

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A particular advantage of the anaerobic degradation is coherent with its low energy requirement. The effluents of the following production processes are ideal for the extraction of biogas as energy source:

  • Dairies
  • Production of fruit juices and flavours
  • Waste water and animal by-products from slaughterhouses
  • Wastewater from pharmaceutical industry
  • Breweries

Lots of purposes

The gas can be used to generate electrical and thermal process energy, for operation of vehicles or can be fed, after purifying it, into a existing gas grid. For the utilization of biogas the methane content is most crucial. EnviCare® Engineering GmbH was able to support a number of entrepreneurs in the conduct of feasibility studies, site approvals, structural or functional tenders, as well as in the preparation of policies and plans for customized sewage treatment or organic waste processing plants since 2000 and gained a wealth of experience itself.

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