Aerobic exhaust gas and air cleaning

The exhaust or waste air purification is the removal of harmful components from the air. The terms exhaust air and waste gas are relatively often used incorrectly. In process engineering sense this is understood as exhaust warm air, such as from incinerators. Exhaust air is the siphoning of indoor or production air, which is loaded (contaminated) with a so-called emission related basic set. At exhaust gas temperatures it is generally assumed that the thermal process is preceded by and hence the temperature of the gas / air is greater than 100 ° C.

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EnviCare® Engineering GmbH also uses, in addition to biofilters that already have been described in aerobic waste air cleaning, a physical waste air purification process.

Several uses for JET Filters

Impulse JET air filters are both frequently installed in industrial waste treatment plants and used in thermal regenerative exhaust air in incineration plants for solvent-containing exhaust air streams. Of course, the harmless combustion of excess biogas or landfill gas (high-temperature) flare systems with a defined residence time and combustion temperature plays an important role too. For instance the act as an emission control application in case that the energetic gas utilization is disturbed.

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