Energy is increasingly becoming a precious commodity.

High costs for renewables

The costs of renewable energy becomes apparent in the form of green electricity tariffs. However, it is important to differentiate between those. By today, the costs for permanently available energy (biomass, biogas) are about 2-3 times higher than the current market price for conventional electric energy. Therefore it is obvious that with an an already looming shortage of fossil resources, commonly known as “peakoil”, the era of cheap energy is coming to an end although the decade remains uncertain.

Higher costs for fossil energies

The “new” forms of gaining fossil fuels, like the extraction of shale gas, will not last way longer than for a period of a few decades. In addition, these ways of exploiting fossil energy are associated with relevant environmental hazards which will pay back in high long-term costs. In order to lead a company or community in a secure energy future today, energy demand optimisation and energy source transformation must remain in the focus of all strategic considerations.

For EnviCare® Engineering GmbH with years of experience in the environmental field, the energy and mass balance is the essential tool to assess the current status and is always the starting point for our advice.


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