“Nanofiltration is a pressure-driven membrane process that retains materials in the nanometer range (10-1 nm). Such materials are e.g. mono-or divalent heavy metal ions. Compared to reverse osmosis in the nanofiltration according to coarse filter a lower working pressure is used. However, the membranes used in the filtration have usually only a limited temperature and chemical resistance.”

cited and translated from: Seite „Nanofiltration“. In: Wikipedia, Die freie Enzyklopädie. Bearbeitungsstand: 20. Dezember 2013, 19:45 UTC. URL: (Abgerufen: 11. September 2014, 16:06 UTC) 

EnviCare® Engineering GmbH offers expertise, commitment and experience in the use of nanofiltration systems eg. in the field of landfill leachate treatment. There, the nanofiltration is preferably applied after a biological pre-treatment for a partial discharge of a salt load. Even in industrial use, nanofiltration has proven itself as an efficient unit process for the selective separation of recyclables.

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